Telescopic Genie Lifters

The Genie SLA manual lifters use a telescopic mast system with hand winches to easily lift and hold ducting or beams etc into place without the need for ladders or chain blocks. There is the option of a crane jib for lifting from above

Capacity 363kg
Max Lifting Height 6.46m (SLA20)
Stowed Dimensions 1990 x 800 x 740 mm
Weight 184kg (SLA20)

Other Features

  • Quick set up - no tools needed
  • Compact design
  • Easily transported (either upright or laying down)
  • Stabilisers and brakes

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Manual Forklifts

The HSYC manual hydraulic forklifts lift 1tonne up to 3m high. Although a little heavier than the Genie SLA machines these units lift more weight and lift it higher.

Capacity 1000kg
Max Lifting Height 3m
Stowed Dimensions 2100 x 1650 x 800 mm
Weight 330kg

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Smart One Manual Cranes

We have developed a couple of options for manual, push around, lifters. Dubbed the SmartOne and Heavy Lift Trolley, these are sturdy, stable and easily pushed around while loaded. The counterweight system means you simply adjust the number of weights depending on what you want to lift. One is collapsible so it can be transported in a van/ute and assembled on site.

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Engine Lifters

We have 2ton folding workshop cranes (engine lifts) available for hire. Designed to lift and move heavy loads with minimal effort. Both boom and legs fold for compact storage/transport.

Capacity 2000kg
Max Lifting Height 2.3m
Stowed Dimensions 1600 x 540 x 620 mm
Weight 80kg

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GIB Trolleys

These trolleys are designed to allow full sheets of GIB (or similar) to be moved from loading dock to internal site not accessible by hiab or forklift)

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